Care fees and funding at Kingsmount

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Your care package cost

Aims and Objectives

Everyone's needs are different so your care requirements will be assessed specifically for you as an individual as will your own personal preferences. In this way we'll be able to provide everything you need and want in your life at Kingsmount.

Because of this we are unable to tell you exactly how much your care will cost until we have met you and had time to fully assess your requirements. However, to ensure these are fair and provide good value, the overall level of fees is determined using the model developed for the Joseph Rowntree Foundation by Laing and Buisson.

For more details of other things like meals and accommodation included in your care package please click here.

For a confidential discussion about your requirements or to arrange a visit to Kingsmount to take a look around please don't hesitate to contact us on 01803 500719 or feel free to drop in anytime.

How will you be funded?

Aims and Objectives

Private Funding

The majority of resident's in our homes are privately funded, paying the cost of care themselves. If this applies to you we will provide you with a fully costed care package based on your care assessment and your personal preferences as described above.

Our terms are that the fees are payable monthly in advance and are non-refundable.  Terms and conditions of care are regulated by a standard contract, a copy of which is available on request.

If you are unsure if you will be required to pay the cost of care yourselves we recommend contacting your solicitor or download our free guide to care funding below.

​Would you like a copy of our Free Guide To Care Funding?

Local Authority Funding

Whilst the majority of resident's in our homes are private, we do have social services and NHS clients and contracts in place with both Torbay and Devon Social Services departments as well as a few more distant authorities. If you are fully funded a few of our beds are available within the fee levels that local authorities are able to meet. However, most rooms are availabe if funded with this contribution and a relatively modest top-up from private or family resources or a one-off payment to a care fees scheme.

If you need advice on social security entitlements or help with financing - whether full private or top-up - we have contacts with Independent Financial Advisors who will provide expert, free advice on benefits and can offer a number of very effective, specialist schemes to meet fees. Please contact us for more details.

Remuneration to the Advisors for this advice is either by commission from the underwriting companies or on a fee basis. In addition, charities such as  Age UK (was Age Concern) provide similar services, also remunerated by commission. Alternatively we can recommend a non-commission Advisor who will offer you free advice on entitlements. We receive no commission for any introductions.

We strongly recommend that you take professional advice to establish your entitlement.

Residents are assessed on an individual basis whereby personal preferences may be taken in to account.

Fees are payable monthly in advance and are non-refundable. Terms and conditions of care are regulated by a standard contract. The overall level of fees is determined using the model developed for the Joseph Rowntree Foundation by Laing and Buisson.

We would strongly recommend a discussion with your social worker, doctor or family solicitor to help you answer any questions you may have.
Our principle aim is to ensure a superbly supportive care and social environment where the attention paid to dignity and quality of life is paramount.

We offer 24 hour support, at staffing levels well in excess of the National Care Standards. This enables us to provide a more intimate level of care and personalised service in a less regimented style.

Kingsmount is registered for 32 beds, a level which ensures a balance between efficiency and personal attention. We accept residents of both sexes, typically over 65. Our registration is for elderly people, both residential and nursing and we are able to accept those with dementia who do not pose a risk to others.

Our objective is to enable residents to live independent and fulfilled lives as far as they are able, with dignity and privacy in a tranquil and elegant environment.

Residents and visitors are consulted about the conduct of the home through a regular survey process and input is welcomed at resident meetings.
Kingsmount is equipped and staffed to cater for older people requiring extensive support and assistance beyond that available in the more "hotel" style residential homes.

As a dual registered home we also provide a safe, elegant and tranquil environment for those with a mild dementia who are more a risk to themselves than to others.

Our staff are appropriately trained in both of these specialised styles of care.

We recognise that the decision, both of the potential resident and of their relatives, to take a place in a care home is often a difficult one and that the principle driver is the requirement for the constant availability of qualified care staff.

In this knowledge, our philosophy is to provide a happy and comfortable home. Our staff are trained to understand that the needs of individual patients can vary greatly and this individuality is reflected in their care plans. Whilst we provide twenty-four hour care, we encourage independence and we will give as much or as little assistance as required.

A good social life is as important as medical attention and a caring environment. We encourage social interaction amongst our residents. Residents’ friends and relatives are encouraged to visit regularly and are welcomed at any time. For those residents who do not receive regular visits and are unable to mix socially with other residents we will arrange for a professional "tea-time visitor" to drop in on regular afternoon visits.

Kingsmount is home to most of our residents and as such is run for their convenience, not ours. This means freedom to choose in all areas of their daily routines without disturbing the enjoyment of others. We hope our patients will live as happy and fulfilled lives with us as they might with their families.