Philosophy of Care

Kingsmount Residential Home and its staff puts the residents’ needs at the forefront of everything we do.


Before they even enter the home, each resident will be met and assessed in different environments to be able to understand their needs exactly and to liaise with those most closely involved in their care to date.


When joining the home, each resident will have a unique and detailed care plan written for them and will be allocated a dedicated Key Worker who will ensure that their needs are being met, that they have everything they require at all times and that they benefit from social activities as much (or as little!) as they wish.


Choice is key to what we do here at Kingsmount Residential Home and regardless of decision-making abilities, our staff will use their extensive training in the Mental Capacity Act to ensure that all decisions are made with the best interests of the resident at heart. This could be anything from what time to get up in the morning, what to have for breakfast and when, what to wear, how involved in personal care and how to spend their day.


Every interaction and intervention will be recorded in detail on our Person Centred Software and in real time so there is very little room for error or for missing the little details as and when they happen which can happen with paper-based systems where files are kept separate to the resident.

Social Life at Kingsmount


A good social life is as important as medical attention and a caring environment. We encourage social interaction amongst our residents. Residents’ friends and relatives are encouraged to visit regularly and are welcomed at any time. For those residents who do not receive regular visits and are unable to mix socially with other residents we will arrange for a professional “tea-time visitor” to drop in on regular afternoon visits.

LGBT Awareness at Kingsmount


Any LGBT resident within the home will hopefully have lived their lives free from prejudice. It is our intension that they should continue to live their life as they so wish. There is a risk that other residents may hold views that contravene our ethos of acceptance and equality and so our staff have been advised how to address this sort of situation with dignity and sensitivity.


No resident should ever feel like they have to live in fear of prejudice and GrayAreas Ltd. will continue to promote a safe and welcoming space for all residents, visitors and staff.


Kingsmount is home to most of our residents and as such is run for their convenience, not ours. This means freedom to choose in all areas of their daily routines without disturbing the enjoyment of others. We hope our patients will live as happy and fulfilled lives with us as they might with their families.

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